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Publications, Talks, Paid Commercial Articles, etc.

Peer Reviewed Written Publications

Applin, S.A., Flick, C. 2021. Facebook’s Project Aria Indicates Problems for Responsible Innovation when Broadly Deploying AR and other Pervasive Technology in the Commons. Journal of Responsible Ethics. April, 2021.

Pavliscak, F., Aledhari, M., Aneja, N., Mandal, S., Villume, G., Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D., Kelly, C., Koene, A., Stender, M., Aiyer, R., Carter, K., Cristache, L., Hriynak, C., Richardson, D., Parsons, N. (Forthcoming). Considerations for Algorithmic Decision Making. IEEE Internet Initiative.

Applin, S.A. 2018. They Sow, They Reap: How Humans are Becoming Algorithm Chow. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 8 Feb. 2018, pp. 101–106.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2016. Exploring Cooperation with Social Machines. The 4th International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Social Machines: Observing social machines on the Web. 25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2016). Montreal, Canada, 11 April, 2016.

Applin, S.A. , Fischer, M.D. 2016. Cooperating with Algorithms in the Workplace. Workshop WP-28: Algorithms at Work: Empirical Diversity, Analytic Vocabularies, Design Implications. The19th ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW). San Francisco, Ca, 27 Feb–2 March, 2016.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. New Technologies and Mixed-use Convergence: How Humans and Algorithms are Adapting to Each Other. IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS). Dublin, IE. 11 Nov., 2015.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D., Riener, A. 2015. Extending Driver–Vehicle Interface Research Into the Mobile Commons. 
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, Oct. 2015.

Applin, S.A. 2015. Ich liebe Dich UBER alles in der Welt (I love you more than anything else in the world). 
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, June 2015, pp. 13–15.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. Towards a Multi-User Social Augmented Reality Experience. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, April 2015, pp. 100–106.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. Resolving Multiplexed Automotive Communications: Applied Agency and the 
Social Car. (Expanded Auto UI 2012 workshop paper). IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, spring 2015, March 2015, pp. 65–72.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. Cooperation Between Humans & Robots: Applied Agency in Autonomous Processes. 
10th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2015). Workshop: The Emerging 
Policy and Ethics of Human-Robot Interaction. Portland, OR, 2 March, 2015.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2013. Asynchronous Adaptations to Complex Social Interactions. IEEE Technology 
and Society Magazine, 32(4), winter 2013, 6 Dec., 2013, pp. 35–44.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2013. Watching Me, Watching You. (Process Surveillance and Agency in the Workplace) 
in Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 2013) Paper Track: 
Sousveillance | Surveillance. Toronto, Canada, 29 June, 2013.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2013. Thing Theory: Connecting Humans to Location Aware Smart Environments. Workshop 
on Location-Based Services in Smart Environments (LAMDa’13) in Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on 
Intelligent User Interfaces (Santa Monica, CA,) IUI ’13. ACM, New York, NY. 19 March, 2013.

Applin, S., Fischer, M., Walker, K. 2012. Visualizing PolySocial Reality. JITSO 2012, First international workshop on Just-in-time Sociology. Lausanne, CH, 3 Dec., 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2012. Applied Agency: Resolving Multiplexed Communication in Automobiles. 
In proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (Automotive UI ’12). Workshop: The Social Car. In cooperation with ACM SIGCHI. Portsmouth, NH, 
17–19 Oct., 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2012. PolySocial Reality: a Conceptual Model for Extending User Capabilities Beyond Mixed, Dual and Blended Reality. In Workshop on Location-Based Services in Smart Environments (LAMDa’12) in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (Lisbon, Portugal,14–17 Feb., 2012) IUI ’12. ACM, New York, NY, pp. 393–396.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2011. Pervasive Computing in Time and Space: The Culture and Context of ‘Place’ Integration. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE) (Nottingham, UK, 25–28 July, 2011) IE’11. Washington, DC, pp. 285–293.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2011. A Cultural Perspective on Mixed, Dual and Blended Reality. In Workshop on Location-Based Services in Smart Environments (LAMDa’11) in Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI’11), Palo Alto, CA, 13–16 Feb., 2011. ACM, New York, NY, 477–478.

Apple Computer, Inc.1(Gavin Miller, Eric Hoffert, Shenchang Eric, Elizabeth Patterson, Dean Blackketter, Steve Rubin), New York University, (Sally Ann Applin), MIT3 (Derrick Yim), University of Regina4 (Jim Hanan). 1992. The Virtual Museum: Interactive 3D Navigation of a Multimedia Database. Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation. 
Volume 3, Issue 3, July/Sept. 1992, pp.183–197.

Book Chapters

Applin, S. A. 2019. Cultures and Context in the Technology Industry: A Dynamic System. In Cracking the Digital Ceiling. Frieze, C. and Quesenberry, J. (Eds). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2016. Thing Theory: Connecting Humans to Smart Healthcare. In Handbook of Research on the Internet of Things and Advanced Applications in Healthcare. Reis, C. and Maximiana, M. (Eds.).
IGI Global, Hershey, PA, 2016.

Applin,S.A.2016. Deliveries by Drone: Obstacles and Sociability. In The Future of Drone Use: Technologies, Opportunities and Threats from Ethical and Legal Perspectives. Bart Custers (Ed.), pp. 71–91. Springer T.M.C. Asser Press, IT and Law Series. The Hague, 2016.

Applin, S.A. 2002. Team Roles in the Design Process: Living with and Creating Legacies that Benefit Design. In Creating Breakthrough Ideas: The Collaboration of Anthropologists and Designers in the Product Development Industry, Susan Squires and Bryan Byrne (Eds.). Bergin & Garvey, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 2002.

Peer-Reviewed Academic Oral Papers

Applin, S.A. 2022. “Banksy and Walt Disney: Admiration and Inspiration, or Appropriation?” Disney Studies - Special Topic, 2022. Popular Culture Association 2022 Annual (Virtual) Conference (PCA/ACA 2022). 14 April, 2022.

Applin, S. A. 2019. “Attention Shortcut: Mechanisms For Adapting To Prosumption and Forced Compliance.” Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S 2019) New Orleans, LA, 4–7 Sept. 2019. (Accepted but unable to attend)

Applin, S.A. 2019. “Adaptive Ethical Systems for AI, Automation, and Agents: Social and Cultural Requirements.” Implementing Machine Ethics Workshop. Machine Ethics Research Group, School of Computer Science, University College Dublin. July 2019.

Applin, S. 2017. ‘Realists’ of a Larger Reality: Anthropological Intersections with Science Fiction. American Anthropological Association Roundtable. American Anthropological Association 116th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Dec. 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2014. Achieving Successful Outcomes from Science Fiction Inspired Technologies. Strangers in Strange Lands: Mapping the Relationship between Anthropology and Science Fiction, University of Kent, Canterbury, 
School of Anthropology and Conservation, Canterbury, Kent, UK, 15–16 Nov., 2014.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2014. Forced Compliance: How the City Shapes the Network that Shapes the City. Global cities: digital urbanization in the 21st century (Commission on Urban Anthropology)(P121). International Unison of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) with The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (JASCA), 
Chiba City Tokyo,15–18 May, 2014.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2013. Ways to Go: Agency and Heterogeneity in Geography. Session: 3125 Geo/Code: Digital Society. Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, 11 April, 2013.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2012. Everybody is Talking to Each Other without Talking to Each Other: PolySocial Reality 
and Asynchronous Adaptation. Session: Online, Social, and Individual Spaces: Crossing Borders and Delimiting Life Frameworks. American Anthropological Association (AAA) Conference, San Francisco, CA. Nov. 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2012. PolySocial Reality and Connected Individuation in Communities. Mobile 
Communication, Community, and Locative Media, International Communication Association (ICA) Pre-conference Workshop, Phoenix, AZ, 23–24 May, 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer. M.D. 2012) PolySocial Reality: Augmentation and Experience. Theorizing the Web Conference (TtW2012), College Park, MD, April 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2012 Blurry Borders and Blended Boundaries: PolySocial Reality in Digitally Individuated Communities. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), Digital and Virtual Communities. Bays, Boundaries, and Borders, Baltimore, MD, 27–31 March, 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer. M.D. 2011) Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World. Theorizing the Web Conference (TtW 2011), College Park, MD, April 2011.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2011. Come On, Do the Geolocomotion: Anthropological Context Goes Geospatial. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), Expanding the Influence of Applied Social Science, Seattle, WA, April 2011.

Fischer, M., Applin, S.A. 2010. Articulating Cultural Symbols: Virtual, Augmented and Other Realities. Session: Virtuality, Simulation and Social Life. American Anthropological Association (AAA) Conference, New Orleans, LA, Nov. 2010. Applin, S.A. 1999. Historical Perspective on the Design of Virtual Museums: Virtual Museum Design. College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, Feb. 1999.

Academic Book Reviews

Applin, Sally A. 2019. ”Review of: De la Cadena, Marisol and Blaser, Mario (Eds.). A World Of Many Worlds. Durham and London, Duke University Press, 2018. Journal of International & Global Studies, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 129-131, 2019.

Editorial Reviewed Academic Publications

Applin, S.A. 2021. Amazon Sidewalk Needs our Trust for its Security. Allegra Lab (One Shots). 16 July, 2021.

Applin, S.A. 2020. The Chaos of Asynchronous Grief. Allegra Lab (Thematic Threads, Corona). 15 May, 2020.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Our Present as the Past’s Fictitious Future. In Speculative Anthropologies, Theorizing the Contemporary. (Anderson et al. Eds). Cultural Anthropology. 18 Dec. 2018.

Policy • Written Contributions

Applin, S.A. 2017. Dr. Sally Applin, Written Evidence (AIC0172). Written evidence volume: AI in the UK: ready, willing, and able? Parliamentary Business. House of Lords, Artificial Intelligence Committee. Appendix 2: List of Witnesses. 6 Sept, 2017.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2013. Written Evidence #00007. FTC Seeks Input on Privacy and Security Implications of the Internet of Things; Federal Trade Commission Project No. P135405; FTC Commission Staff Workshop, Washington, DC. 21, Nov. 2013.

Other Talks and Panel Participation

Applin, S.A. 2020. Invited Guest, ‘Aftermath: Virtually Maker Faire Wrap.” Virtual Maker Faire, Zoom. 23 May, 2020.

Applin, S. 2017. Invited panelist, ‘A Doctor, Computer Scientist, Start-up Guy & Anthropologist, walk into a Bar.' Augmented World Expo (AWE 2017), San Jose, CA, June 2017.

Applin, S. 2016. Invited panelist, ‘Computer Says No: justice, accountability and clarity in the age of algorithms.' 
Nesta. London, UK, Feb. 2016.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. Thing Theory: Making Sense of IoT Complexity. O’Reilly Solid – Hardware, 
Software & the Internet of Things. San Francisco, CA, June 25–26, 2015.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2015. Social AR: Why we need it. How to get it. Augmented World Expo (AWE 2015), 
San Jose, CA. June 9, 2015.

Applin, S.A., Panelist. Ethernet Technology Summit. Ethernet and the Internet of Things Seminar, Session IOT–15: 
Future of Ethernet and the Internet of Things. San Jose, CA, 14 April, 2015.

Applin, S.A. Becker, G. 2012 PolySocial Reality and the Enspirited World. Culture, Science and Play, SXSW Interactive Austin, Texas, 13 March, 2012.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2011. AR and Social and Sensors, Oh My! Augmented Reality Event (ARE2011), 
San Jose, CA, 18 May, 2011.

Applin, S.A., Fischer, M.D. 2011. AnthroPunk: MetaMaking, Culture Making and the ‘Making’ of Making. Maker Faire 2011, San Mateo, CA, May 2011.

Applin, S. 2001. Telecommuting. Pick up the Thread of Sustainability: Wires + Tires. 2011 Metropolis West Conference. San Francisco, CA, Feb. 2001.


Applin, S.A. 2010. Poster: Alternative Future: Steampowered Privacy. TRUST session, CFP2010, Computers, Freedom and Privacy in a Networked Society (ACM Computers, Freedom and Privacy), San Jose, CA, June 2010.

Paid Commercial Articles

Applin, S.A. 2022. “Hello, Elon, Goodbye, the Twitter we once knew.” Fast Company. 27 Oct., 2022.

Applin, S.A. 2022. “Who let the robot dogs out?” Fast Company. 15 Sept., 2022.

Applin, S.A. 2022. "Google is working on language-to-text AR glasses. It's a complicated idea." Fast Company. 18 May, 2022.

Applin, S.A. 2022. “Nobody really knows how we're going to shop in the metaverse.” Fast Company. 5 March, 2022.

Applin, S.A. 2021. Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to stake a claim on our faces: To build the metaverse, Facebook needs us to get used to smart glasses. MIT Technology Review. 15 Sept., 2021.

Applin, S.A. 2021. With ‘Sidewalk,’ Amazon is building its own private neighborhood networks. Fast Company. 31 March, 2021.

Applin, S.A. 2021. MAGA is a superbrand. Cutting off Trump's social media isn't enough. Fast Company. 14 Jan. 2021. Applin, S.A. 2020. These Virtual Stores are a joyful twist on e-commerce. Fast Company. 18 Dec. 2020.

Applin, S.A. 2020. Policing’s problems won’t be fixed by tech that aids—or replaces—humans. Fast Company. 20 July, 2020.

Applin, S.A. 2020. The Pandemic is Changing How Human Beings Think About Status. Fast Company. 15 May, 2020.

Applin, S.A. 2020. Maker culture’s DIY spirit is helping us get through this pandemic. Fast Company (Coronovirus). 
15 April, 2020.

Applin, S. A. 2019. Everyone’s talking about ethics in AI. Here’s what they’re missing. The rush toward ethical AI is leaving many of us behind. Fast Company (POV). 15 June, 2019.

Applin, S. A. 2019. How growing cities are making it hard for Makers. As garages and similar spaces grow less accessible in places like Silicon Valley, we can’t make things where we used to. Fast Company (POV). 17 May, 2019.

Applin, S.A. 2019. The creeping threat of facial recognition. Do those championing new surveillance technology not realize that they too will be affected by it? Fast Company (POV). 7 May, 2019.

Applin, S.A. 2019. How much are we sacrificing for automation? Lessons from an Amazon warehouse, and a world where increasingly anything (and anyone) that can be measured, is. Fast Company (POV). 21 Apr., 2019.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Science Fiction Is Not Social Reality. Motherboard/VICE Media. 20 July, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. With Echo in Hotel Rooms, Amazon Can Now Track Your Travel Habits. Motherboard/VICE Media. 21 June, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Amazon Wants You to Shop at Amazon as Long as You Follow the Rules It Doesn’t Tell You About. Motherboard/VICE Media. 29 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Tech Billionaires Are Building Their Utopias Without Asking Us. Motherboard/VICE Media. 21 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Google is Saving Its Own Time, Not Yours. Motherboard/VICE Media. 15 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Google Duplex Puts AI Into a Social Uncanny Valley. Motherboard/VICE Media. 9 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Delivery Robots will Rely on Human Kindness and Labor. Motherboard/VICE Media. 8 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Disrupting the Commons: Dockless Bikes and Scooters Create Layers of Community Instability. Motherboard/VICE Media. 26 April, 2018.

Other Writing/Contributions

Applin, Sally A. 2020. Live from Everyone’s House: It’s Saturday Night! Medium. 18 April, 2020.

Applin, Sally A. 2019. The Artificial Gaze (and Gait Interpretation) of Algorithms. Medium. 3 June, 2019.

Applin, Sally A. 2019. General Magic Movie: Tales from the Silicon Valley Vault. Medium. 1 March, 2019.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Shifting Responsibility to The Commons: New Apple Watch Feature Summons Emergency Services If You Fall and Stay Down for Over A Minute. Medium. 13 Sept., 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. A Plan for Developing Global AI Policy. Medium. 16 August, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. A Flying Car Buzzing You to Work? It’s a Long Road, er, Long Blue Sky Ahead, for Blackfly. Medium. 17 July, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Amazon Echo Takes its Name Literally. Medium. 25 May, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2018. Silicon Valley’s Naiveté: The YouTube Shooter, Culture, and Automation. Medium. 5 April, 2018.

Applin, S.A. 2017. The Automation and Privatization of Community Knowledge. Savage Minds. 1 Oct., 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2017. Paying with our Faces: Apple's FaceID. Savage Minds. 23 Sept., 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2017. Artificial Intelligence: Making AI in our Images. Savage Minds. 7 Sept., 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2017. Autonomous Vehicle Ethics: Stock or Custom? IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. July 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2017. Social Aspects of Standards Committees. Medium.18 Oct., 2017.

Applin, S. 2017. They Sow, They Reap: How Humans are Becoming Algorithm Chow. Medium, 13 May, 2017

Applin, S. 2017. Amazon's Echo Look: We're Going a Long Way Back, Baby: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning for Dynamic Narcissism and Exploration of Human Vulnerability. Medium. 27 April, 2017.

Applin, S. 2017. When Automation Makes Passengers Freight: United Airlines and Seat Assignments. Medium.
10 April, 2017. Yoshida, W., Applin, S.A. 2017. Ham Stakes: Repurposing Consumer Electronics for Amateur Radio. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. April 2017.

Applin, S.A. 2017. The Automation of Qualitative Methods. EPIC. 18 Jan., 2017.

Applin, S. A. 2016. Amazon Go and the Erosion of Supermarket Sociability. Savage Minds. Invited post. 13 Dec., 2016.

Applin, S. 2016. Warehousing Burning Man: Ghostship and the Issues of Nested Culture and Bad Algorithms. Medium. 
8 Dec., 2016.

Applin, S. 2016. Spirits in the Sky: Exploring Jet Packs. Bronislaw Magazine, Issue 1. 18 March, 2016.

Applin, S. 2015. Technology and Change: Open Letter to Sherry Turkle. IEEE Society and Technology Magazine. 
4 Dec., 2015.

Applin, S., Fischer, M. 2015. The social car: Simplifying autonomous action with Thing Theory. Robohub.10 June, 2015.

Applin, S. 2015. Could Communication Overload Result in Police Mistakes? EPIC. 11 Feb., 2015.

Applin, S.A. 2013. The Emperor’s New Robotic Self? 19 Dec., 2013.

Applin, S.A. 2013. Managing Multiple Multiplexed PolySocial Drones: The Amazon Drone Dream. 
2 Dec., 2013.

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20 May, 2012.

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Applin, S. 2012. Connected cAR: Becoming the Cyborg Chauffeur. The Society Pages. Cyborgology. 10 April, 2012.

Applin, S. Steampunk, Open Source and Privacy. In Steampunk kurz & geek. Jahnke, A., Rauchfuß, M. Eds., pp. 79–80. O’Reilly Vlg. GmbH & Company, 2012.


Applin, Sally A. 1991. The Museum of the Future. A part of coursework for NYU/ITP. Date accessed: 9 Sept., 2021.